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Not knowing, not caring,
It's not my intention,
But it happens none-the-less.
Please forgive all I've done,
My intention has never been to hurt anyone.
This has never been my place,
I don't know where I belong.
I bottle up my feelings,
I hide from the world outside.

You realize I couldn't help myself,
Not from what is done.
You never thought you'd see that side,
I never meant to show.
But I'm glad I did,
For all the pain,
Just to show that I'm human,
That you are too.

Whatever was inside,
I had to let go,
And crying in your arms that day,
Proved it to be so.
I didn't think you'd ever see,
That side of me I hide.

As I said outloud to you,
I'm fine,
I kept thinking to myself,
If I repeat it enough,
Will it be true?

What finally broke me,
I'm not sure I can ever tell you.
But if you ask,
I will try.