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Have you ever stopped to wonder,
How things appear to me?
I've done my best to do,
The same for you.
I think I have finally realized,
Maybe it's not yourself,
That you need to forgive,
But her,
For what she did.


What you can do...

You asked me what you could do to repay me,
So in return I ask you,
Repay me for what?
You repay me every day,
With a kiss on my hand,
When you think no one is watching,
An arm around my shoulders,
Just to keep me near,
A whispered word in my ear,
Just to make me smile,
And you know what?
I only do that smile for you,
Because all the kindness you show to me,
I want to show to you too.

From the graveyard of discord rain flees,
The raven cries and I think of he,
Does he rest, beyond the grave,
In a place, far better made?
Did he ever know in my heart,
The words I cannot speak apart?
He read my soul with those eyes,
And did he think of me or why?
As he lay their in deaths grasp,
The cold and silence not to last,
As that last breath past his lips,
Did he speak, my true loves kiss?...