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Fairly Twisted Tales

On this page will be some poetry...I am not much of a poet (I really am not good at this kind of stuff) but none the less I will try my best. I will also include some poetry I have found and that I really enjoy.

My Poetry...

For my angel....

Angel Eyed

I had a dream last night
It was about you
I stared into your eyes
And found myself falling
Not from the sky
But into you.
You were an Angel
And caught me up in your arms
And wrapped me in your wings.
You made me feel safer
Then I've ever felt before.
But then I woke up
And do you know what I found?
...It wasn't a dream...


Is It Okay?

I told you I never cry
And that you would never be able to hurt me
I am as strong as I need to be
And I don't let things get to me personally.
But is it okay...
...is it okay if this once...
...just this once, I cry
In your arms...
And after I'm through we'll just pretend...
That it never happened
And that everything is okay....


To not be seen or heard

Do you know what it is,
To been neither seen nor heard?
I took a test the other day,
A silly little test
To see what my super heroe power would be.
"If I had a power," it said,
"It would be invisibility."
How fitting I thought
How much like real life.
I am over looked and underestimated
And you know what?
I don't care,
No because one day you will all regret it,
One day you will need my help
And you know what?
I won't be there.
You know why?
Because I am invisible to you,
And I have learned not to care....

Hurt II

The pain is a slow pulse
A dull ache inside...
It burns it's way into my soul,
And it nests there,
Feeding off of me.
It is never ending,
It's hunger ravinous,
It is there,
And it will remain there,
Until it has eaten away at me,
And has left nothing,
But an empty shell.



You'll never know
How much you've hurt me
None of it has ever been on purpose
And I understand that more then you ever will
But the pain you caused is lasting
And it is rekindled
Whenever I see you
In pain...


Found on the Web:

The wings of an angel

The touch of the angel
Innocent and caring
The wings spread out and cover my eyes
Protect me from any harm
That would come over me
But I take them away and sent them to you
For it is the only thing I can do
To show you I care
As comfort in these hard times
And me not being around
So angel watch over him
Don't let him get hurt
Do it as a personal favour...
...For me...



I will have to beg my boyfriend for some poetry to put under this section....


You can find more of my poetry at my other site. Just click on the gargoyle below.