Fairly Twisted Tales


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The Fisherman and His Wife

Once upon a time there was a couple who lived by the sea in an old hut. One day the man was fishing and he felt a tug on his fishing line. He reeled it in and pulled up an enormous fish. "Fisherman," said the fish, " If you cut me loose Ill grant you three wishes." "How do I know you wont just swim away?" asked the fisherman. "Because," said the fish, "We magical fishes always keep our word." The fisherman pondered this for a moment and decided to release the magic fish. "What would you like as your first wish?" asked the fish, "I suggest you think long and hard before you make any of your wishes." "Okay." Said the fisherman. He thought about it for a minute, then he told the fish, "For my firat wish, I would like to own a big, brand new house." "Done." Said the fish. And it was. The fisherman went home that night to his wife and their new house. The next day the fisherman went back to the spot where hed caught the magical fish and called out, "Magic fish, I have come to make my second wish."

The fish's head popped out of the water and he said, "I suggest you think before you make your wish." "I wish to be prosperous," said the fisherman. "Done." Said the fish. And so it was. That night the fisherman went home to his wife, their new house, and his newfound prosperity.
His wife was so happy. She told him how smart he was. That gave him an idea for his third and final wish. The next day he returned to the spot where hed found the magic fish and he called out, "Fish, I have come to make my third and final wish." "I suggest you think long and hard before you make your last wish." Replied the fish. The fisherman did and told the fish his last wish. "Fish," he said, "I wish to be ten times smarter then the smartest man." "Are you sure?" replied the fish, "I dont think youd like that." "I'm sure." Said the fisherman. "Done." said the magic fish. And the fisherman was turned into a woman.