Fairly Twisted Tales
The Boy Who Cried (Insert Word Here)


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Once upon a time there was a young boy named Bob. Bob loved being the center of attention. Consequently, he was prone to shouting a very bad word in the middle of a very large crowd, just to get attention. This word was bad. So bad, in fact, that we cannot write it (possibly because we were too lazy to put our minds to through the tedious task of thinking up such a word).
One day he was in a crowded mall, right in the very center mind you, and he screamed at the top of his lungs, "(Insert Word Here)!" (Which was a very popular word that all the cool kids were saying). Chaos immediately followed. (Chaos was a big fan of the word (Insert Word Here)). All the mothers tried to hush their children who were giggling immaturely and repeating the word (Insert Word Here). Needless to say they were NOT pleased with Bob. They yelled at Bob and blamed him for the resulting catastrophe. Bob simply loved all this attention. He was quite please to be credited for, in the minds of the mothers, "soiling the mouths of the youngsters." Bob failed to notice however, that the president of the United States was at that very mall at that very time and was very appalled to here such a use of the word (Insert Word Here). (Although I dont see how Bob couldve been so stupid. I mean, how can you not notice several people in black suits trying way to hard to look inconspicuous.)


A short while later all the mothers present at the mall on that fateful day banded together to accomplish one task total eradication of the word (Insert Word Here). With the Presidents help they achieved this goal very, very quickly.
We must now pause and observe a brief moment of silence for poor unsuspecting Bob. He never saw it coming. (Although he really should have!)
You see, all the local teens grew furious at the passing of the new law which outlawed the use of the word (Insert Word Here). When they discovered it was Bob who was ultimately responsible for the new law, they all took up rusty pickaxes and hacked him to death. Which, consequently, lead to another law banning the use of rusty pickaxes as murder weapons. (Chaos doesnt like to clean up bloody messes).