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Fairly Twisted Tales

Once upon a time...ok, you know how it goes. Let's just skip to the good part.....

"I'll never get to go to the ball!" cried Cinderella.
"Yes you will my child." said the Fairy Godmother as she suddenly materialized in front of Cinderella.
"Oh!" Cinderella exclaimed lookingup in surprise. "Who are you?"
"I'm your Fairy Godmother." she replied.
"I didn't know I had one." said Cinderella.
"Well you do, and I'm here to gaurantee that you get to that ball." said the Fairy Godmother, "But I can only grant one wish."
"Wow! If I wish to attend the ball then I'll need a dress- the most beautiful in the land of course! And shoes to match-nothing but the finest! Oh, and I'll need accessories!"
Cinderella continued her long list of wishes to herself while her Fairy Godmother looked on incredulously. Finally reaching the end of her list, Cinderella looked up in time to catch her Fairy Godmother casting a spell.
"Bibidi-bobidi-boo!" she cried, and ball attire magically appeared on Cinderella.
"You mean all I get is this passť gown and these cheap glass slippers?!" exclaimed Cinderella, "I wanted the finest things possible!"

What are you doing here?! Your stories finished; this is Cinderella's story!

I came here to see if the Fairy Godmother can change me ack! PLease Fairy Godmother, please help me!" said the very unhappy fisherman/woman.
"Well, I think you'll appreciate my skills more than this ungrateful child, so I'll give you one wish." replied the Fairy Godmother.
"Oh thank you Fairy Godmother! I wish to be a man again!" cried the fisherman/woman. He waited excitedly as the Fairy Godmother cast the spell.
"Bibidi-bobidi-boobless!" she cried and poof! The fisherman/woman turned back into a man.


"That is NOT the end!" said Cinderella. "What about me and my problem?! How am I going to get to the ball now?"
"Oh bibidi-bobidi-boo-hoo." said the Fairy Godmother, "Here's thirty-five cents. Go call someone who cares."