Fairly Twisted Tales

~Welcome to my web site~

Ok, there really isn't much to say. This is my site and I hope you'll enjoy exploring it. I have many things here (and more on the way). Notably a little story (book) my sister and I wrote this summer....well, it isn't exactly little, so you'll probably want to have some spare time on your hands before reading it. It really is a funny book, but please be open minded about what you read. Also on this site is some poetry I wrote. Most of it is inspired by my boyfriend but there are some that I wrote just because I felt like it. I intend to add more things as I go along but this is the begining of my site. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. I hope you enjoy my site!

After you have read this book I encourage you to take the Idiot Test. It's a simple test I threw together for you to test your knowledge after having read this little book. Just click on the link below to go there.


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The Canadian's are coming, the Canadian's are coming! Oh wait, we're already here.


Comes highly recommended for anyone who likes the Blood Hound Gang. You and me baby ain't nothin but mammals...ya, you know that song...



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